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1.  Are you Male or Female?
2.  How old are you?
3.  Would you say you scare easily?
 I get frightened watching tellytubbies
 I made it half way through the Omen once
 I have no fear, execpt for my mother
4.  Are you ok around animals?
 If it moves, keep it away from me (unless it's a hot person)
 So long as it's smaller than mini me I am ok with it
 I'm fine with anything that doesn't go to the bathroom on me
5.  Do you mind being at the top of tall buildings?
 Anything more than 2 stories and I pass out
 I will go to the top but will end up hugging a center column
 I actually get more scared being closer to the ground
6.  Does the idea of death frighten you?
 I wouldn't say frightened, more petrified
 Just so long as that idea is in the very distant future
 I say live life fast, leave a healthy looking corpse
7.  Which is these vegitables most scares you?
 Bean Sprouts
8.  Do you have nightmares?
 Frequantly, mostly they involve this website
 Only on Sundays before I have to go back to work
 Does the one where I wake up before a hot dream gets good count?
9.  Do you fly much?
 Not unless they drug my milk to knock me out
 Only on planes, my arms get tired if I do it myself
 I'm like Leonadro Caprio in the Titanic
10.  Have you ever had a nightmare about cabbage?
 Only the red kind